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Writing Shakespeare on the outside walls of the Schwäbisch Hall Globe Theater

Brief biography:
1966 Matthias Gröschke
1972 The art of writing in elementary school
1990 Opening of the "Haus zum Griffel" in Kirchberg / Jagst, Germany offering etchings and calligraphy
1993 Relocation to Schwäbisch Hall, stationary Calligraphy Shop until 1997
since 2004 Internetshop kallipos.de

Globe Theater in Schwäbisch Hall

The art of calligraphy: Etymologically, the word "calli-" derives from the ancient Greek "kalos", meaning "beauty"; the word "-graphy" corresponds to the ancient Greek "-graphia" for "writing, depicting, describing" to ancient Greek "graphein" for "carving, writing".

Calligraphy is a wonderful hobby. You will find more information about calligraphy and the use of the different kinds of pen nibs on the following pages (see FAQ). The worlds largest selection of antique dip pen nibs and other writing accessories can be found in the Calligraphy Shop.